Server Settings

AusARK is a single world with connected maps (servers). You may transfer Survivors, Dinos & Items between our servers anytime.
You can not however, transfer anything from official or private servers.

One World: The Island, Ragnarok, Extinction (DLC), Aberration (DLC), Genesis (DLC) & Crystal Isles

Server Ruleshttps://www.ausarknet/rules/

AusARK Discord –

10 Player Clustered Servers (transfer between enabled)
AusARK.Net-PVP-Island/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/
AusARK.Net-PVP-Rag/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/
AusARK.Net-PVP-Ext/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/
AusARK.Net-PVP-Abb/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/
AusARK.Net-PVP-Genesis/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/
AusARK.Net-PVP-Crystal/5x/ORP/S+/2x Weekends – steam://connect/

Client-Side Mods (all servers)
SS (S+ replacement) (limited engrams)

Removed from server:
S+ Transfer Gun
S+ Demo Gun
S+ Turrets
S+ TEK Forge
S+ Blueprint Maker
S+ Repulser Pad
S+ Tek Transmitter/Teleporter
S+ Tek Shield Gen
S+ Cloning Chamber
S+ Mutator
S+ Vivarium
S+ Element Catalyzer
S+ Gacha Gavager
S+ Crystal Cracker
S+ Item Translocator
S+ Animal Tender
S+ Item Collector

Server-Side Mods (all servers)
Dino Tracker – gives your gps positions of your dinos
Cross Server Chat & Discord – Chat sent to all servers and all chat posted in discord channel #serverchat, this can also notify you if you are being raided offline with discord notifications.
NoCannons – Cannons don’t do any damage to structures (used for taming)
Offline Raid Protection – after log off and structures become impossible to damage and passive dinos protected.
Suicide – Allowed players to kill themselves if stuck
PvP Cooldown: Allow structure pickup/placement, limited popcorning during PvP CD (4 items p/s)
Tribe Slot Cooldown: 6hr restriction when a member leaves/kicked from tribe

In-Game Commands
/help – displays in game help commands (see below)
/suicide to kill yourself (does not work while in handcuffs or on dino)
/discord to see the discord link
/setdiscord <Discord name> e.g /setdiscord DrunkMunki#5598 will link your discord name to allow for offline raid notifications.
/raidwarning <mins> .. e.g /raidwarning 15 will notify me every 15mins if im being raided…
/orpcheck to see information about the Offline Raid Protection
/rules – display most of the rules in game, check the full list here
/stats – basic stats including breeding info.
/track <DinoName> – Will return the map long and latitude of where the dino is. <DinoName> is a dino name or dino tag.

Island / Ragnarok / Extinction / Aberration / Genesis
Offline Based ORP (enabled after 30mins)
– ORP no structure damage when offline
– Turret Damage 4x
– ORP Passive dino protection
– ORP PvP cooldown (2 secs per PvP action)
– Tek Auto Learned (Cryball/Fridge/Dedicated Storage/Gen/Turret)
– Tribe limited to 10 players
– No Alliances

5x XP/Gather/Taming/Breeding

Engrams (auto learn):
Taxidermy Tool/Base
Dino Leash
Tek Dedicated Storage
Tek Generator
Tek Replicator
Tek Turret
Stone/Metal Platform (Aberration)
Charge Battery (Aberration)
Zipline/Motor (Aberration)
Glider (Aberration)
Karkino Saddle (Aberration)

All standard engrams (non-tek) on level 105

– No Tek CryoSleep Chambers
– Tribes limited to 10 players, no alliances
– Cannon damage disabled against structures

Ice Titan
Forest Titan
Desert Titan

No Tribe alliances, more than 1 tribe are not allowed to act as a single entity, help with raids are permitted but cannot be regular, abuse will result in both tribes being banned.
Tribe names must be the same for ALL MAPS, you cannot have different people in your tribe on seperate maps.

Turret Limit: 200
Radius: 11,000
Structure Pickup Enabled (60 seconds) – not including SS Mod Structures

Levels (as per official)
Max Wild Dino Level: 150 (Wyvern egg is: 190)
Max Pre-Ascension Survivor Level: 105

Decay & Auto-destroy
Abandoned Structures & Dinos will auto-destroy if you (or a tribe mate) does not login to the server within these (real world) time frames:

Thatch – 4 days
Greenhouse – 5 days
Wood/Adobe – 8 days
Stone – 12 days
Metal/Glass/Dinos – 16 days

* Unsnapped pillars/foundations will decay faster regardless.
* Unconnected water pipes will auto-demolish after a few days.

Maps are wiped at admins discretion, no set schedule (usually when pop gets very low) and is only given 1 weeks notice before wipe.
Wild dino wipe is done every Wednesday @ 6am

Last Server Wipe: 26th Dec 2019

Server Admin is DrunkMunki and can be contactable in discord

Admins do not offer in-game assistance with lost items, stuck dinos etc UNLESS you are a Patreon supporter, this helps offset time costs and babysitting players who can’t keep tracking of their stuff (yes even game bugs)…

If you need discreetly report a suspected glitch/hacker; or infringements on our rules, feel free to contact us via Discord.