R.I.P AusARK | 2017-2020


AusARK will always be remembered as one of Australia’s Premier Ark PvP Communities.
Operating between 2017-2018 by Sage it was then merged with PlayArk.com.au under the management of DrunkMunki
PlayARK Australia Operated it from 2018-2019 when PlayARK.com.au Merged with GamingAlliance.net

PlayARK.com.au still operates today alongside of GamingAlliance.net and caters more to the PvE community.

I would like to thank all the players support over the years; Giving ideas, advice and suggestions on how to change the servers for the better. You will all be remembered, and its a very sad day to see such a community end, but due to low pop for several months, it was a struggle to get people on (even though we had over 500 people in discord)

If you ever want me (Drunk Munki), or want to resurrect AusARK you can find me on the GamingAlliance Discord [https://discord.link/GamingAlliance]

-Drunk Munki

If you wish to pay your respects please post on the original Steam Forum https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AusARK-PVP/announcements/detail/4647108190412719813