All rules that would apply on an official server, also apply on AusARK. Read the Banning Guidelines.

Game/Mod Exploits
Exploiting in-game/mod mechanics for advantage or aggression over other survivors will not be tolerated (meshing/glitches/bugs).

Building Restrictions
Cave Building is permitted, provided you are not blocking access to any Artifacts. or Loot Crates.
Building on Obelisks is not permitted as it prevents access to resources,artifacts and other maps.
No building around Terminals (Extinction) or structures (walls..turrets) to prevent players from accessing terminals


  • AusARK encourages open world PvP and online raids. We also appreciate that under some circumstances, offline raiding is a necessary ‘evil’. You should note however that offline raiding of smaller, less established tribes is frowned upon and we encourage tribes to ‘name and shame’ these survivors/tribes.
  • You are not allowed to build structures onto dinos to prevent line of sight attacks with turrets, e.g walls or boxes.
  • Aggressive/Toxic raiding of tribes (such as constantly repeatedly raiding a tribe by the same instigator) will be considered griefing, action taken from this will be under the Admins discretion ONLY for the good of the community.

Caging / Prisoners
You may keep prisoners for a period of no longer than (24) hours. This itself may seem like a long time, but can be a necessity in some genuine strategies. You may request a ‘kill’ by an Admin on AusARK Discord – only when 24 hours as passed.

Tribes & Characters

  • Tribe names can not be changed more than once in a (7) day period. This is enforced in-game by config, and merging of tribes to circumvent this is not okay.
  • Tribe impersonation (changing your tribe name to be near same as another to create misdirection) will not be tolerated.
  • Tribes cannot bypass the tribe limit, either using a second tribe (acting as one) or leaving tribes and cycling characters.
  • Character and Tribe names must not be abusive and not contain just special characters, must be legible
  • Tribe on each map is limited to your main tribe across all other maps, you are NOT allowed to have different people in separate tribes on other maps and MUST be the same name.

All chat is to be done in ENGLISH, as this servers main population speaks english.

Final Word: DrunkMunki has final say in all matters, even if not covered under the rules if he finds actions of players are detrimental to the community, action taken outside the rules may be taken to prevent disruption.

Do NOT post or direct users to private information about other players, this information and peoples personal lives should not be involved in a video game, anyone found posting such information will be permanently banned from all servers.